API Keys

For getting the API keys, the user must have a trading account with IIFL Securities (Trading Terminal). Only if the user has an active trading account, he would be able to use our Open APIs.

The user needs to follow the below mentioned steps to retrieve his API keys:

  1. The user needs to login into his Trading Terminal account and he will be taken to the dashboard after successful login.
  2. The user should then go the “My Account” tab and from the drop down menu, select “Profile”
  3. Click on the “My Details” option from the Profile sub-menu, which will take you to the “Your Account Details” page.
  4. Under the Equity tab, click on the "Trading API" menu option which would be listed under Trading Preferences.
  5. The user needs to click on "Generate" option if he's visiting the page for the first time.
  6. The API Keys will be listed there which will be valid for a period of 6 months, post which they will be regenerated for security reasons.

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